Vol. 19 No. 5, May 2023

I thought for a change of topic it might be interesting to post some of the more obscure photos of WWI-era chasers, and give some context. For this month, here is a shot of two U.S. submarine chasers, taken from the third in a unit that was assigned to the Northern Russia Expedition.

Submarine chasers at Murmansk

Chasers on the coast of Murmansk, 1919. (Links to the website page where you can see a large version.)

The chaser on the right, marked "AR" on the hull, is SC 256, a chaser that would never make it back to the U.S., as it caught fire and burned on the return trip. The other is probably SC 95, which would make the one from which the photo was taken (lower left) SC 354. 

These three chasers were sent to assist in the evacuation of U.S. troops from northern Russia, in the context of the Bolshevik Revolution. Under the command of Lt. (j.g.) George S. Dole, CO of SC 354, one unit of chasers sailed through the fjords of Norway, and kept going, bound for the White Sea. Until they reached Murmansk, they traveled without a repair vessel. It was here that they joined USS Yankton, which would serve as temporary flagship of the expedition. (See Chapter 7 of my book for details and more photos.)

Here in Maine we are trying to enjoy the spring, although it's been raining every day for a week, now. I hope you're enjoying May in your part of the world.

-- Todd Woofenden, editor


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