Vol. 16 No. 11, November 2020

While the chasers that served overseas saw the most action, there were pursuits by chasers on the U.S. side of the ocean as well. These are listed in Appendix IV of my book *. Here's the official account of one of them, from the War Diary of the USS Jouett Group, 17 June, 1918. Referenced are Division L (SC 223, SC 191, SC 134, SC 136, SC 332, and SC 190) and Division M (SC 132, SC 219, SC 331, SC 355, SC 133, and SC 353).

    On scouting line as before, course 271 magnetic.
    At 11:30 am boarded bark Indian Girl, of Tonsberg, (Norwegian), bound from Buenos Aires for New York, cargo linseed. Allowed to proceed.
    At 3:40 pm boarded bark Bella Vista, of Lisbon (Portugese), bound from Accra, West Africa for New York, cargo cocoa. Proceeded.
    At 5:40 pm boarded bark Alexandra, of Sandefiord (Norwegian), bound from Newport News, VA, for Rio Janeiro, cargo coal. Proceeded.
    During listening period at 9:45 pm first L-group picked up suspicious sound and gave chase to southeastward. At same time first group picked up another sound and also gave chase. Sure it was submarine. About midnight all chasing groups were ordered back into formation on account of shortage of fuel and distance to the Capes. All indications pointed to the conclusion that the M-group was on the trail of a submarine, as they were able to get definite three boat __ and the submarine was evidently zig-zagging to avoid the chasers. The rest of the force remained stopped during this chase in order to not interfere with the chasing group. 

* See Appendix IV, Hunters of the Steel Sharks: The Submarine Chasers of WWI, starting on page 192.

Pilot house, SC 355, courtesy of Thomas Manville Brady

Photo: Pilot house of SC 355. Collection of Thomas Manville Brady, grandson of MM2 William Manville O'Connor
SC 355 and SC284.

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