Vol. 18 No. 6, June 2022

After the war, the USN had little use for a fleet of wooden submarine chasers, and so most were put up for sale. Chasers were repurposed for all kinds of uses. Some were sent to the Coast Guard to use as training vessels, many were sold for conversion to small yachts, and quite a number of them were neglected and eventually sank or were scrapped. Another post-war repurposing, probably the best known, was for use as rum runners during Prohibition.

Chaser-as-rum-runner is also an appealing model subject, a not so common depiction of a 110-footer. In 2021, Michael  Dobrzelecki attended the IPMS USA National Convention held in Las Vegas, NV, and took some excellent photos of Steve Klein's model, "The Rum Runner."

A set of them is posted on the site in the Subchaser model projects showcase section, here. This is a highly modified build of the Glencoe chaser model. Thanks to Michael for submitting the photos to The Subchaser Archives. Always interested in chaser model projects!

--Todd Woofenden, editor

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