Vol. 19 No. 7, July 2023

Continuing the series of some of the more obscure chaser photos, here's one for the Fourth of July: 4 July 1919 celebration on a chaser at Archangel, Russia. 

SC 354 in Archangel, Russia
SC 354 at Archangel, celebrating the Fourth of July. G.S. Dole Collection,

The print is small and washed out, but this is U.S. submarine chaser SC 354 flying flags in celebration of U.S. Independence Day, while on a tour of duty in the White Sea. For a celebration on Kego Islands, the chasers including SC 354 ferried citizens of Archangel to the island, where the U.S. crews joined the Russians in games. For some other photos of this and other shots of chasers in the White Sea, see chapter 7 of my book.

Happy Fourth of July!

--Todd Woofenden, editor

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