The History of U.S. Submarine Chasers in the Great War

The Subchaser Archives is a naval history collection devoted to the 110' submarine chasers of the Great War and the men who served on them, primarily covering 1917 to 1919.

Overview of Materials

The Chasers

Profiles of individual chasers, a large collection of chaser photographs arranged by hull number, photo collections and sets, crew information and crew photos.

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Tactics & Equipment

Submarine pursuit and attack tactics, chaser engines, chaser armament, and other devices indluding radio equipment and navigation tools.

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Subchaser Stories

First-hand accounts of service on chasers, unpublished typescripts and journal entries, and the text of Hilary Chambers' book, United States Submarine Chasers.

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Chaser Models

Information and diagrams on hull design and paint scheme, a collection of close-aboard photographs, model kit descriptions, and a showcase of chaser models.

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Document Archives

Scanned images, transcriptions and digital photographs of original, primary source documents pertaining to WWI submarine chasers.

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Book reviews, web site links, and links to museums and archives.

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