Vol. 19 No. 8, August 2023

I'm not sure if this counts as an obscure chaser photo, so maybe I'm not sticking to the recent theme. But I thought this dry dock shot with a ladder up to the bow was interesting. This is SC 125 in dry dock at Malta in January, 1919. The chasers that had been stationed at Corfu were at this time starting the long journey home, and many would spend a couple of weeks in Malta waiting for time in the dry dock. Image from the collection of Henry "Harry" Tegler, who served on SC 125 as a radio man.

Subchaser SC 125 at Malta

Submarine chaser SC 125 at Malta, January 1919. Tegler Collection.

Recent additions to The Subchaser Archives:

Post-war image of SC 174 added to Hull Numbers Collection, showing this chaser in the Russian navy around 1921.
SC 324 image, "Leaving Venice on Sub-chaser 324 ... " added to the Hull Numbers Collection

--Todd Woofenden, Editor

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