Vol. 12 No. 3, March, 2016

As the war was ending, the chaser construction project was still fully underway, a number of chasers only partly completed. Some of the contracts were cancelled, but a number of hulls were completed, anyway. SC 433, a model of which is shown on the site, was among these: completed after the war had ended, and put into service in 1919 as Coast Guard vessel.

While the wartime history of chasers is the main subject of The Subchaser Archives, the post-war service of these boats is also of interest, and information and photos showing chasers after the war would make welcome additions to the Archives.

--Todd Woofenden, editor


This Month's Additions:

Added to the Hull Number Collection, a photo of SC 247 alongside RMS Olympic. Also, a photo of SC 138 (posted earlier, but moved to the Hull Number Collection, since it's the only photo of this chaser in the Archives).

Added to the SC 87 crew photo set are several more photos.

And, see the collection of photos of the model of SC 433.

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