Hull Number: SC 174

Photo #1: Subchasers at Port Clinton, OH. There are nine chasers in the photo, only some of which have hull markings painted on them. Shown are SC 169, SC 170, SC 173 and SC 174. The others probably are 171, or some hull numbers between 175 and 178, as the ten chasers from SC 169 to SC 178 were built at Matthews Boat in Port Clinton. Eight of these ten chasers were sold to France.  Photograph of submarine chasers, T. Woofenden Collection.

Photo #2: Submarine chaser SC-174, post-war, around 1921. SC 174 was among the boats sold to France. Various sources (which I have not carefully researched) indicate that it was sunk off Odessa, then raised by the Russian navy and repaired. Thanks to Nikolay Kraskovsky for submitting the photo to The Subchaser Archives.

Photo Set - click to view large versions: 

SC 174 and other chasers
SC 174 post-war