Vol. 8 No. 9, September 2012

I am pleased to have been asked to present again at a Maine Submarine Veterans meeting. Not only is it an honor to present to this particular audience, but I can count on some interesting questions from the attendees, who, more than the typical audience for this kind of presentation, will have had direct experience in ASW tactics, equipment and vessels.

It's a short presentation, but I'm hoping to spend part of the time showing slides of some of the more interesting chaser photos -- so, I have all of the site's many contributors to thank, for having sent in so many scans of chaser scenes, a number of which certainly make the cut, for a presentation to sub vets.

--Todd Woofenden, Editor


Crew Photo from SC 131, Others

SC 131 crew

Crews from several chasers are shown in a photo (in two parts) recently submitted by Jonathan Day, grandson of SC 131 CO Joseph C. Day. Interesting details include the many barrels on deck, and the add-on (extra) lights in boxes mounted on the bearing indicator on SC 151.