Vol. 9 No. 8, August, 2013

Recently I have received a number of notes from people working on, or planning to work on, subchaser models, so I thought it might be time to point to some of the website resources, again:

  • The Chaser Models section contains many photos of model projects, as well as a number of helpful resources on hull design, particulars of working with the Glencoe model, and more.
  • See especially the Close Aboard photos, showing close-ups of various details, including armament and devices.
  • And, some general information on the Statistics page, that might be of use.

For anyone interested in depicting a particular chaser, you might also want to visit the Hull Number photo collection, to see if the chaser you plan to depict is shown. Roughly 58% of WWI-era chasers are included, so there's a pretty good chance of finding something there.

And finally, feel free to contact me through the site with questions or comments about building chaser models. I'm not a model builder, but I'm happy to help out by directing questions to others who might have insights and advice, or to suggest particular photos or pages on the site that may be useful.

Best wishes for a fine summer,

--Todd Woofenden, editor

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