Vol. 9 No. 11, November 2013

Posted this month are some photo scans from a short stack that's been piling up on my desk for a while, now, including a couple of nice crew photos from SC 309, one of the two chasers that served in Alaskan waters, and another addition to the Hull Numbers Collection.

We're slowly closing in on 60% of chaser hulls shown -- although I think the meter has been stuck on 58% for most of a year, now, so 100% might be a long way off! I suppose that makes it a more interesting pursuit.

November 11 is coming up soon, and I'll be thinking of the chasers in 1918 on the Otranto Barrage, at Plymouth, and at various other ports overseas, celebrating the Armistice.

-- Todd Woofenden, editor

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