Vol. 9 No. 1, January, 2013

This month I'm starting a project that I've had on my list for at least a few years now, creating a digital resource list of chaser-related materials. While there are certainly not libraries filled with books on WWI submarine chasers, there are some good materials available, both for sale and in various libraries and archives.

For anyone interested in looking into the details of subchaser history, the first hurdle is finding sources. I hope the new resource directory will be of use. At this point it's still in the structural/development phase: I've set up the feature, but haven't entered the data yet. Hope to have something public-facing by next month or so.

In the meantime, there are a few new chaser photos that might be of interest.

Happy New Year,

Todd Woofenden, editor

SC 91 Photos Addition

SC 91 in ice

Added to the SC 91 page in the Hull Numbers Collection is a nice image of SC 91 in the ice. On the reverse is written, in Morse code and translated, "Will it ever come across? Here's hoping. Leo."

"Leo" could be the writer's name, or might refer to USS Leonidas, mother ship of the chasers at Corfu. Probably the former.

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