Vol. 7, No. 3, March 2011

There are several new photo sets posted recently, among them two sets from SC 143, and some crew photos from SC 258.

Also, for those of you who are working on, or considering building, a chaser model, there are some notes posted on chain sizing for the anchor chain.

Hope everyone is enjoying the winter. Up in Maine the wind is howling, and the forecast is for snow.

--Todd Woofenden, Editor

SC 143 photo sets

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Phil Pomber, grandson of SC 143 crewman Clyde Campbell Thomas, recently submitted a number of photos from the service of SC 143.

Several of these can be seen on the SC 143 Hull Number Photo Set page, and others in a Crew Photos page.

You may recall that SC 143 was the boat on which Ens. Alexander Moffat, author of Maverick Navy, served. Note the photo showing a star painted on the bow.

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