Vol. 7, No. 2, Feb. 2011

When a USN vessel returns home from overseas, tradition provides that the homeward-bound pennant be divided among the officers and crew. In some accounts of this custom, the captain receives the blue portion, and the crew divide the red and white portions; but at least in the case of one of the subchasers of WWI, crewmen received a cross-segment. An image of the homeward-bound pennant from SC 344 is shown in a recent post, courtesy of Ed Chidsey,  whose great uncle, Henry R. Chidsey, served as a Listener on SC 344. Also included is a photo showing the chaser flying the pennant.

Other interesting items recently posted include a crew photograph from subchaser SC 251, courtesy of Artie Rotshtein.

Thanks to Mr. Chidsey and Mr. Rotshtein, and to all the others who have submitted items to The Subchaser Archives. Your generous submissions make the site worthwhile!

--Todd Woofenden, Editor




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