Vol. 6, No. 9, Sept. 2010

One of the more interesting chaser-related items this month was hearing from Paul Harvey of the Coolspring Power Museum, in Coolspring, PA. They have a restored, working example of a Standard Motor Construction Company auxiliary engine of the type used on the chasers.

The auxiliary engine provided electric power, and also charged the air tanks that were used for the air-start main engines. Photos of the museum's engine are posted to the site.

Now, to find an example of the Standard 220!

Labor Day carries a family connection for me, and a subchaser connection, as Lt. Dole (my great uncle, CO of SC 93 and later of SC 354) died on 06 September 1928, at the family's fishing camp in Wayne, Maine. Each year I look forward to a visit there, and to the cemetery in Wayne where he is buried. He was quite a character.

Best wishes to everyone for an enjoyable holiday weekend.

Todd Woofenden, editor

Standard Auxiliary Engine

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An exiting report recently from the Coolspring Power Museum in Coolspring, Pennsylvania: They have a restored, working example of the Standard Auxiliary engine, the type used on the chasers for generating electricity and providing compressed air for starting the main engines. (I need to add this to my list of places to visit!) See photos of the engine, recently posted.


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