Vol. 5, No. 12, Dec. 2009

Many of the WWI-era subchasers saw varied and exciting post-war service: chasers were used as training vessels, fishing boats, merchant boats, rum-runners … all kinds of things.

An interesting example is submarine chaser SC 196. During the war this chaser served in the Fifth Naval District. SC 196 was sold to Joseph A. Hitner -- who purchased quite a few decommissioned chasers -- and it was converted for use as a fishing vessel. It was later known as the Mary A. Edwards, and then Talisman.

See the photo set submitted by Howard Anderson (details below) for photos of the chaser as the Mary A. Edwards. Information and photos/video of the wreck are posted on the North Atlantic Dive Expeditions website.

--Todd Woofenden, editor

Subchaser SC 21 Photo Set

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Posted this month is the second set of photos from the collection of Harry Blair Wallender.
There are several interesting photos in this set, including shots that show a large metal container on the deck forward of the pilot house. If you can identify that item, let me know. I don't recall seeing it in other chaser photos.
There are also some winter photos, and a nice image of New London Ledge lighthouse, one of the most spectacular examples of lighthouse architecture.

Crew List and Nicknames

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Recently submitted by Steve Lesko, grandson of subchaser SC 87 crewman Robert "Pops" Edwards, is a crew list from the chaser.

This program-style listing includes nicknames for the officers and crewmen, some of which suggest their duties on the chaser, and others that are just fun. According to Steve, "Pops" got his nickname by being the senior-aged crewman, at 24.

Fine Print

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