Vol. 5, No. 9, Sept. 2009

Occasionally I peruse the web looking for posts related to WWI chasers, and once in a while it pays off.

Recently I found an informative, nicely done post on submarine chasers built in Hampton. Five chasers, SC 218 through SC 222, were built at Hampton. (See photos in the Hull Numbers Collection, a few of which are reproduced in the post on Hampton.) [download PDF version of the article]

Please send me links if you find other posts on chasers in WWI.

Todd Woofenden, Editor

Subchaser SC 296 Photographs

Gas Cans

Andrew Simons served on submarine chaser SC 296. A new photo set submitted by his son, Carlton Simons, shows post-war images of the service of SC 296.

Included in the set is an interesting shot of crewmen fueling the boat by lugging fairly small cans of gasoline. Photos in other sets show stacks of these empty cans on deck. By comparison, fueling at sea while running at eight knots must have seemed not so bad.

 Also see the recently posted SC 296 crew photo, with complete crew list on the back, and the Hull Number Collection Photo

Additions to SC 183 Photo Set

Newsletter article image

Added to the SC 183 crew photo collection are several more images, recently submitted by Maddie Hall, whose great uncle, James A. Coughlin, served on the chaser.

Included are a couple of nice shots showing the K-Tube reel under canvas, and several good crew photos.

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