Vol. 5, No. 5, May 2009

This month I've added a new "slide show" function to the site, which addresses a couple of goals: first, to make it easier for site visitors to see a collection of photos on a single page instead of having to page through them one at a time; and second, to accommodate different sized browser windows. You will see this new function in some of the new pages listed below. You can click on any picture to view a larger version, and then leaf forward or backward through the photos from there. Input on any issues with the new slide show function would be welcome.

I hope you are all enjoying the spring. It's been a bit strange here in Maine, with some record-setting hot weather. Chances are we will still see at least one more frost, though, so it's not time to put the tomato plants out yet.

Todd Woofenden, Editor


William Barker Photo Sets

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Two new photo sets from the collection of chaser crewman William Barker, Sr., show chasers traversing a canal and at sea, and crewmen/officers.

The Chaser Photo Set includes some nice close-aboard images of the wherry under canvas.

The Crewmen Photo Set shows officers and crew, and some excellent close images of a Lewis machine gun mounted on the bridge wing.

Fueling at Sea

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To pull together several images on a common theme, I've added some images to create a new page on Taking on Fuel While Under Way.

Since submarine chasers didn't hold enough fuel for an overseas journey, the crossings required a combination of stops along the way (Bermuda and the Azores), and re-fueling at sea. The latter was done while traveling at roughly 8 knots, with the chasers tethered to the fuel ship in various ways. For the men on the chasers, this meant working to keep the chaser moving at the correct speed while keeping away from the much larger fuel ship.

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