Vol. 5, No. 2, February 2009

So much to post, and so little time ...

This month I'm continuing my efforts to catch up. In the model-making section. There are some newer photos of David Jack's finely-detailed RC model. I've had these for a while, so there may be more detail on them already! Soon I'll be adding a few more pages to the model kits section, as well, to fill in a few old models that Jack Hudock noted are missing.

Also I have added several images to several hull number pages, some interesting (and some better) photos of the chasers in question, that I've come across from one source or another.

And finally, more from some of the collections I've been picking away at, and a some that I'd simply neglected to post, like the shot of SC 72 at St. Croix.

--Todd Woofenden, editor

David Jack Subchaser Model Photos

SC 131 model

A while back, David Jack sent me some photos of his RC-scale WWI subchaser model.

These are "almost done" photos, showing the model in trial runs again.

Also included is a shot of his WWII chaser model. Both are excellent in craftsmanship and detail. Note that there are several other pages of photos of this model already posted, that show the model in various stages of completion.

Filling up while Under Way

Subchaser SC 72 fueling while under way

This photo, one of many in a collection of photos from the service of a crewman on SC 254, shows SC 178 fueling  -- and is so jarring that I had to post it.

Among the difficulties in the task of moving the chasers overseas for duties in Europe and the Mediterranean was the problem of taking on fuel along the way. After various experiments, the standard method adopted was for the chasers to run alongside the fuel ship, matching its speed. The chaser would then be tied off to the ship, and a hose passed across.

As you can see in this photo, it was something of a trick to manage the chaser under these conditions, to keep away from the ship but not over-steer and tip the boat.

Crew Photos, SC 275

Crew of submarine chaser SC 275

Added to the Subchaser Crews collection are a set of photos of the crew of subchaser SC 275.

This chaser was commissioned at Mare Island, and was assigned to the First Naval District (Boston) during the war.

These photos show the chaser in Mexico, en route to Boston. This chaser was placed out of commission at Mare Island 11 October 1919, and was transferred to the Army 9 December 1919.

Some Changes to the Newsletter Format

Starting this month -- but I also updated the January issue just to be tidy -- I've made some changes to the newsletter format. Most of the changes are to make it easier on my end to post things, but here are some things that might be useful for site visitors:

  • You can click on an image accompanying a newsletter story to see the full-sized version. (Click the link in the text to go to the website page or feature with text, images, etc.)
  • There is now an "email this page" link near the bottom of the newsletter page.
  • You can also send someone an individual story from an issue. To do this, click on the story headline to load just that story, then you can use the "email this page" link.
  • There is a link on each story page back to the newsletter, so if you happen across one of the stories (say, in a site search) you can get to the full newsletter page easily.

Please let me know of any issues with these features. I haven't yet done extensive testing across browsers, etc. Email me if you see any problems.

Fine Print

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