Vol. 13 No. 3, March 2017

As we move through the centennial years of WWI, there are many interesting projects under way -- some of which involve the ports where U.S. submarine chasers were stationed. Some of these are in the form of museum exhibits, local events, and publication.

Here is a related story, on the arrival of the U.S. fleet in Cork Harbor  (Thanks to Robert Allison for the link.)

Subchaser Detachment 3 was located there, at Base 6, the chasers arriving on 21 August, 1918. Chasers at Base 6 arrived late in the war, but engaged in ASW from arrival until the Armistice, and were involved in a number of pursuits.

If you come across WWI history events with references to U.S. submarine chasers, please send me a note, and I'll post the event in the next Subchaser Archives Notes.

--Todd Woofenden, editor

Recently added to the Hull Numbers Collection:

Photo of SC 328
Photo of SC 57


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