Vol. 12 No. 9, September, 2016

My great uncle, Lt. George S. Dole, who was CO of SC 293 during the war, spent his summers in Wayne, Maine, at a family camp on a lake. Visiting camp on Labor Day weekend has become a family tradition, in recent years. The timing coincides more or less with his passing, at the camp, on September 6, 1928, so the trip doubles as a time to visit the local cemetery. One of my favorite war time photos of him is posted (temporarily) on the home page, Lt. Dole sitting on the bridge of the chaser, smoking a cigar.

Just one addition to the collection, this month -- so, a short issue of the Notes -- but it's an interesting shot, a photo of President Harding on a chaser, in 1921.


--Todd Woofenden, editor

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