Vol. 12 No. 7, July, 2016

Last month I asked about examples of chaser models using the Dumas kit, and found out there is one shown on the site already. Jared Smith sent me a note, pointing out that his model, shown in the Showcase section, is the Dumas kit.

And, another subscriber mentioned that he's working on a Dumas model, now -- so, I'm hoping we'll get some box art/build images to add, at some point.

A long time ago, David Foster sent some SC 62 photos, and later sent scans of a letter and crew list from post-war, which were part of an effort to put together a history of the chaser and crew. It seems as if the history of SC 62 didn't come together, but these documents are interesting, in their own right. I had forgotten to post them; just added them to the crew photos page.

And, speaking of chaser models: If anyone has a WWI chaser model suitable for a museum exhibit, that could be shown in Alexandria, VA next spring, let me know. The Lyceum may be interested. They have a line on one, already, but it's unclear if it's available.

Happy Fourth, everyone. There is a nice photo of SC 338 on Independence Day, 1919, on the site.

--Todd Woofenden, editor

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