Vol. 12 No. 6, June, 2016

One of the model kits missing from the Kits section is the Dumas 1:35 kit. A couple of people have mentioned adding it. Has anyone on the list built this kit? I'd like to show the kit parts, and ideally a built model, rather than just linking to the Dumas page.

New this month:

Photo added to the SC 275 page: SC 275 underway. Thanks to Matthew Giangreco for submitting the photo scan.

SC 209 Crew Photo Set. Thanks to Tom Clark for permission to post several photos from the service of SC 209 crewman Irwin John Sheehan, who was killed when SC 209 was mistaken for a submarine and sunk by friendly fire.

The full list of casualties is here: http://subchaser.org/sc-209-set-00 -- along with several other photos.

New book: A new book by Barry Martin, Bob Davies: A Basketball Legend, covers the sports career of a former WWII submarine chaser crewman. One chapter is devoted to Bob Davies' naval service, as an officer on SC-978 during the invasion of southern France and as commanding officer of SC-736 in the Pacific Theater. Website: https://www.rit.edu/press/bob-davies-basketball-legend

Enjoy the late spring weather!

-- Todd Woofenden, editor

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