Vol. 12 No. 11, November, 2016

In Hilary Ranald Chambers' little book, United States Submarine Chasers, there is a chapter on chaser service just after the Armistice.

There was, of course, much celebration. But thoughts of heading for home didn't quite work out. Instead, the chasers were assigned to sail to various ports along the coast of the Adriatic Sea, to maintain an American presence there, in the tense, early days after the war had ended.

And so, the tiny submarine chasers found themselves temporarily taking over captured battleships, and essentially occupying ports. It had to be a very interesting time for the chaser crews!

You can read the full text of Chambers' account, here: subchaser.org/chambers

--Todd Woofenden, editor.

Added this month:

Crew photos from SC 62, courtesy of Steve Hanrahan

New entry in the Subchaser Hull Numbers Collection: SC 295

Added to the SC 55 page: Another nice shot of this chaser.

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