Vol. 11 No. 7, July, 2015

This month, more images of listening devices are posted, from the Harvey Hayes Family Archives, thanks to Roy Manstan. The new photo set shows some of the experimental listening devices, or "tubes" in the vernacular of the time.

While the most distributed "tubes" on submarine chasers was the C-Tube Hydrophone, a number of much more elaborate devices were tested at Nahant and in new London, many of them mounted on submarine chasers to test at sea, in experimental runs using a U.S. submarine as a sound target.

Also posted are additions to the Hull Number Collection. And many more sets to come! Enjoy the summer.

--Todd Woofenden, editor.

Experimental Listening Devices

Hayes collection, hydrophone

The task at hand in designing "tubes" for detecting submarines was to build a device that could detect both the sound source and its bearing relative to the chaser. Additionally, the device had to pick out the sound of enemy submarines from an array of noises including the engines of surface vessels. Many different configurations were tested, some of which are shown in this set. Thanks to Roy Manstan and the Harvey Hayes Family Archives for the images.

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