Vol. 11 No. 4, April, 2015

Last week my great uncle, Lt. George S. Dole, was featured in a spot on Bill Green's Maine. The focus was more on his wrestling career, and especially his gold medal in the 1908 London Olympics, but it touched on his service on the subchasers as well.

Given that my focus is on subchasers and WWI service, it was nice to see a piece on his earlier life, which was remarkable. Some of the documents shown in the TV spot, and a number of others, are online here. Anyone interested in the early history of Olympic wrestling may find those worth looking through.

--Todd Woofenden, editor


Thompson Collection, SC 40

Recently, Donald R. Thompson submitted a set of photographs from the collection of his father, Ellis J. Thompson, who served on SC 40. I've just finished scanning the images, and haven't prepped most of them to post yet, but I was especially excited to see this below-decks image.

More from this collection to come -- and thanks to Don Thompson for submitting the set.

Hull Number Collection rounds to 60%

Rounding up a fraction, the Hull Number Collections now sits at 60% of hulls shown. This month SC 341 was added to the collection. The last 40% will be a long-term treasure hunt.

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