Vol. 11 No. 12, December, 2015

Added this month are two photos of submarine chaser SC 144. This is one of the chasers built at Vinyard Boatbuilding, in Milford, Del.

Those readers interested in the history of boatbuilding, and Vinyard in particular, will want to see the recent work  (2015) by Joan W. Lofland:

The Vinyard Shipbuilding Company
Delaware's only surviving historic shipyard

It is an exceptionally nicely done, hardcover book filled with photos and information on the history of the boatyard and the people who worked there. (Joan -- Let me know if it's available online, and I'll post the url.)

As we approach the end of another year, once more it's time to say thank you, to everyone who has submitted photos, documents and information to The Subchaser Archives. Your interest and involvement in preserving the history of WWI-era submarine chasers and the men who served on them makes the Archive worthwhile. Merry Christmas, and best wishes for the coming year.

Todd Woofenden, editor.




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