Vol. 11 No. 10, October, 2015

The Showcase section of the website shows many different types of WWI-era chaser models, from kits to scratch-built models. This month is added a new type, a set of 3D renderings of a chaser.

Retired trawler navigator Vladimir Kuchumov created this set of renderings, picking up some of the details of the equipment and machinery from the images in The Subchaser Archives.

Photo sets of your WWI chaser model would be a welcome addition.

--Todd Woofenden, editor

3D chaser model by Kuchumov

Vladimir Kuchumov's 3D renderings of a chaser are now posted here. I believe he would be interested in remarks on refinements or suggestions for the  renderings. Send notes to editor@subchaser.org and I will pass them on.

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