Vol. 10 No. 12, December, 2014

This issue marks the end of my tenth year posting The Subchaser Archives Notes. Thank you, everyone who has contributed scans of photos and documents, information, comments, and questions. A big part of what makes it worthwhile to run the site is the opportunity to hear from other people who are interested in WWI-era chasers, and to add your photos and other content to the online archive.

And, my standard disclaimer: If you have sent a message to me -- a question, comment, scan, or other correspondence -- and you haven't heard back, please send me a reminder. Sometimes my timeline of what I'm working on gets pretty far out of sync with my email box. Except for questions like, "how much could I get for these subchaser photos on eBay, if I split up the collection?" I'm always happy to field correspondence on chasers.

Now, on to Volume 11!


--Todd Woofenden, editor


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