Vol. 10 No. 11, November, 2014

In recognition of the anniversary of the Armistice, I thought I would point out a few page of the site that show scenes from November 11, 1918. At that time, chasers were stationed in dozens of ports on the east and west coasts of the US, many overseas at Plymouth, Corfu and Queenstown (Cobh), and some in other places such as the Canal Zone. Of those that were assigned to overseas duty, some had seen quite a bit of action on the barrage lines, while some had just made the overseas journey in time to turn around and head for home.


One of my favorite Armistice Day photos is this shot of USS Leonidas in American Bay, Corfu, celebrating the Armistice.

And, there are several shots of chasers with flags flying in celebration. A few examples:

The photo on this page shows chasers in Unit 21 celebrating.

Sailors on a chaser -- possibly SC 125, line up as the Y-gun is fired in salute.

Crewmen on SC 251 in dress-whites, possibly celebrating the Armistice. (This chaser arrived at Ponta Delgada on November 12.)


Best wishes for a fine 2014 Veterans Day / Armistice Day!

--Todd Woofenden, editor


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