New in the Chaser Photos Collection

September 2007. Several new submarine chaser hulls have been added to the collection at The Chasers >> Hull Number Photos:

SC 305Subchaser SC 287: Submarine chaser SC 287 was assigned to service in the Canal Zone. This photo shows SC 287 and SC 289 docked at Balboa.

Subchaser SC 305: Submarine chaser SC 305 served in the Twelfth Naval District, on the west coast. This photo shows the chaser with a Hotchkiss gun forward.

Subchaser SC 322: Recently submitted by David Propert, son of SC 322 Listener Boyd A. Propert is this scan of submarine chaser SC 322, which was assigned to the base at Plymouth, England.

Subchaser SC 411: A rare photo from the elusive 400s, submarine chaser SC 411. This chaser was among those that were ordered, but not completed in time to participate in war time duties.

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