[Subchaser Archives Notes - The Bulletin of the Subchaser Archives, at www.subchaser.org Vol. 2 No. 8. August, 2006]

It has been a busy summer, indeed! There are several new posts this month, and the usual backlog of things I haven't gotten to yet. This month there is a new subsection, "Devices," in the Tactics & Equipment section, for non-arms devices. The first entry is a set of high-resolution shots of the CW 928 radio telephone component. Note: when you get to the page, click the fairly-large images to load very large versions. Nice, clear detail of this old component. More to come. Also this month are four new entries in the Hull Number Photos section, and a couple of other things.

--Todd Woofenden, Editor, The Subchaser Archives

New in The Chasers -- Hull Number Photos

SC 304 is among the few chasers that served along the Pacific coast of the U.S. This is probably an early photo, given the lack of ASW equipment and the presence of a Hotchkiss gun rather than the more typical (later) Poole gun.

100 US-built chasers were sold to France. Three are shown here, SC 398, SC 403 and SC 404.

New Subsection -- Tactics & Equipment >> Devices

This new section is for devices other than the guns and other armament. Starting off the section is a set of photos of the Western Electric CW 928 Switchboard, a component of the radio telephone set used on the chasers. Thanks to David McCudden for sending in the scans.

More devices will be added in the future, including details of the signal light, some switch devices, and several other items.

New in Tactics & Equipment -- Armament

Another photo from Jim Warren, this one a close-up shot of the Poole 3"/23 caliber deck gun. You can almost read the labels... Hope to have more from this collection next month.