Hull Number: SC 332

Subchaser SC 332 was commissioned at the Norfolk Navy Yard on 13 March 1918. During the war, SC 332 served in the USS Jouett Hunting Group, engaged in antisubmarine patrols along the Atlantic coast. Near the end of the war, SC 332 was assigned to overseas duties, most likely bound for the USN subchaser base at Corfu, Greece. However SC 332 arrived at Gibraltar on 11 November, and with the Armistice signed, new chaser units were no longer needed, and SC 332 and many others returned to the U.S.

A photo of SC 332 on mail delivery duty, Guantanamo, in 1919:

Submarine Chaser SC 332

Photograph of submarine chaser SC 332. Thanks to Edward Boynton for sending in the photo scan.

Caption: "Submarine Chasers at the Norfolk Navy Yard, 2 April 1918." Shown: SC 223, SC 221, SC 136, SC 331, SC 332, SC 222, ?, SC 134, SC 133, ?, SC 135

Submarine Chaser SC 332 and others

Photograph of chasers at Norfolk. Naval Historical Center, # NH 75528. Thanks to Dan Treadwell for submitting the image.