A post-war photograph of a submarine chaser, as the Coast Guard cutter Cygan. T. Woofenden Collection.

A date stamp on the back reads, May 9, 1923, and a newspaper article attached to the back of the photo (unattributed) reads:

Latest addition to the local Coast Guard fleet, and specially designated to the work of chasing liquor smugglers, the subchaser Saigon arrived in Elliot Bay last night and today was being overhauled at her moorings at the Bell Street Terminal of the Port Commission.

Boatswain S. Halverson, her commanding officer, and crew of sixteen men reported for duty this morning to Lieut. Com. F. G. Dodge of the Coast Guard Service, who stated that he expected definite orders for the Saigon's assignment within the next few days. It may bee, Lieutenant Commander Dodge said, that the Saigon will be sent to assist the subchaser Smith, now patrolling Alaskan waters.

Federal Prohibition Director Roy C. Lyle today said other fast craft are expected to be sent to Puget Sound to war on the rum runners this summer.

While here the Saigon will be completely overhauled and fitted out.

Thanks to John Young, FSCM, USCGR (Retired), for writing in to note that the cutter is Cygan, not Saigon, as reported. This identifies the boat as former SC 335.

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