From the collection of Susan Ridgeway.

Alfred R. Ridgeway, grandfather of Susan Ridgeway, is shown in the center of the second row from the front.

Signatures of the crew are on the back. As well as can be made out, they are, top to bottom row:

Laird H. Barkalow, seaman
R. Bertram, quartermaster, 2nd class
W.A. Christie, coxswain
G.F. Alexander, quartermaster 1st class
Henry W. Herrick, quartermaster 1st class
Howard, machinist's mate 2nd class

Terry W. Johnson, machinist's mate 1st class
Edwin Ross, machinists mate 2nd class
C.W. Lockney, seaman
A.R. Ridgeway, seaman
Eugene Hartigan, seaman
G. C. Stanley, electrician 3rd class
J.J. Basch, machinist's mate 2nd class

A. G. Miller, ship's cook 1st class
Wm. J. Clarke, electrician, 2nd class
Stanley S. Hidesker, quartermaster, 1st class
Louis Hammond, quartermaster 1st class
Robert Townsend, machinist's mate 2nd class
Harris Dunbar, machinist's mate 2nd class
B. Garth (?), seaman

Ralph (?) Kendig, boatswain's mate 1st class
Richard Dimes, quartermaster, 2nd class
Philip J. Hearth, captain
L.B. Sigfried, executive officer
Tailor (mascot)
H.S. Sewall, chief machinist's mate
can't read the last one