Jack Hudock offers the following additional notes, on depicting the anchor chain:

Several photos show the fore decks of SCs, along with the anchor chain. By using objects on the fore deck of known dimensions, especially the 20 inch scuttle near the bow, it can be determined that about 13 links of chain span 20 inches.
The closest commercial chain that fits is “3/8-inch” chain.  That is, the diameter of the “wire” from which each link is made is 3/8-inch.  Using the most common relationship of wire diameter to overall link length, 1 to 6, that gives a link length of 2 ¼ inches.
In 1:74 scale that works out to be chain of 49 links per inch (LPI).  (For the Glencoe model.)
Recommend trying both 50 LPI and 45 LPI chain on the model, and noting which looks best.
For other, more common scales, the model chain size is:
1:24        16 LPI
1:32        21.5 LPI
1:48        32 LPI
1:64        43 LPI
1:96        64 LPI