Genealogy Pages -- Catawba Island, Ohio. From the collection of T. Woofenden, Bowdoinham, Maine.

Various photos of people at the property at Catawba, known at the time as Linden Lodge, or Linden Lea.

Postcard of Linden Lodge

Back side of the same card. (And postcard hounds out there who can date this?)

The house at Catawba. The car is probably Rev. Louis A. Dole's

Anita Sturges, Fred Sturges and Alice Sturges at the beach on Catawba

Alice Sturges at Catawba.

Another shot of Alice Sturges at Catawba.

Gertrude Dole at Catawba. Gertrude is the oldest of three children of Louis A. Dole and Anita S. Dole. This photo is from 1927 or thereabouts.