SC 254: Unit 21 Collection

In August 1918, thirty submarine chasers were reassigned from Plymouth, England (Base 27) to Queenstown (Cobh) Ireland (Base 6). These were arranged into the typical three-chaser units. Unit 21, comprised of SC 178, SC 254 and SC 329, is shown in this collection.

SC 178 was the unit leader of Unit 21, under the command of Lt. (jg) Thomas Robbins. His executive officer was Ens. Crawford. Lt. Robbins also served as Division Commander of Division 20, comprised of units 20 and 21. (Unit 20 being SC 45, SC 47 and SC 48).

SC 329 served as a wing boat, under the command of Lt.(jg) F.T. Hogg (Ens. E. R. Cooner, executive officer).

SC 254, the other wing boat, was under the command of Ens. J. Howard (Ens. S. Sperry, executive officer). These photos are from the service of SC 254, but the other chasers in the unit are shown as well.

After the war, SC 254 was among the chasers that served in the North Sea mine sweeping division. Chasers ran behind the mine sweepers and shot with rifle fire any mines that floated to the surface.

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T. Woofenden Collection - Photographs from the service of Unit 21 (SC 178, SC 254 and SC 329).