Interior views of any USN vessel seem to be much more rare than exterior views. Presumably from the sailor-photographer's point of view, the wider view of the vessel or the action on deck is the subject -- not the mundane realities of life as a crewman such as the bunks and galleys. For the history enthusiast, however, the opposite is sometimes true. We want to see what the living spaces looked like. But of the thousands of subchaser photos I've seen over the years, hardly any show the interior spaces. This makes it all the more exciting to come across a set of photos that includes some shots below decks, such as the set from Ens. George Perley Morse of SC 227, just posted. Three of these show interior spaces that I have never seen in photos before: the officers' quarters, the forward crew's quarters, and the kitchen area just aft of the forward crew's quarters.

Once again I would like to thank everyone who has submitted photos to The Subchaser Archives, and to encourage anyone who has chaser images to consider sending them in. Todd Woofenden, editor