Next month I will have the pleasure of speaking at the 36th Annual Maritime History Symposium in Bath, Maine. The theme is "Life in the Shipyard and Life at Sea." My presentation, Rolling the Beam Ends Under: Life on a Subchaser in WWI is tentatively scheduled for Sunday morning, April 13. (The schedule hasn't been circulated yet, so I don't know what time.) As most people following this newsletter know well, the subchaser sailors endured considerable challenges and risks in serving on the 110' chasers. I'll be showing photos of life on a chaser, from the frigid waters of New London in the winter of 1917-1918 to the heat of the Canal Zone and Mediterranean Sea.

Speaking of the Canal Zone, this month a new photo set is posted showing chasers built at Bremerton traversing the Canal. Also posted are more photos from the Henry Miller collection, and several new hull number photos.

--Todd Woofenden, editor