Vol. 3, No. 1, January 2007

Happy New Year to everyone! With this issue, The Subchaser Archives starts a third year of bulletins - and the sources of new, interesting materials on chasers are as strong as ever, thanks to the generosity and interest of the many people who have submitted diaries, images, and other content. Please keep the material, and the conversations, coming. Sometimes it takes a while to process the materials, but every month a few more items find their way to these pages. Last month - just a few weeks ago - my book on the submarine chasers of WWI came out.

Hunters of the Steel Sharks: The Submarine Chasers of WWI is the history of chasers in the Great War, based on extensive research in primary source materials; but it is also intended to be an entertaining read. This project has been a "labor of love" on my part, to shed some light on a slice of naval history that has been largely unknown. I hope that the book will appeal not only to chaser enthusiasts, but to others with an interest in naval, maritime, and/or small craft history. The chasers in WWI are really quite a fascinating story. My thanks to those of you who have helped support the effort by purchasing a copy. I look forward to your comments on the book, and would be grateful if you would spread the word to others who might be interested. The book is available from the Signal Light Books site, at $19.95. It will soon be available in the books section of the shop at the National World War One Museum in Kansas City as well; and in coming months at other locations. --Todd Woofenden, Editor, The Subchaser Archives

New in The Chasers >> Photo Sets

Chief Machinist's Mate David James Williams served on subchaser SC 227 in the Otranto Barrage. This new photo set, submitted by his grandson, shows views of his service, including an excellent and extremely rare view of the galley, and another rare view, of the auxiliary engine. Another interesting view shows a Standard Motor Construction Company 220-hp engine raised above the boat, in preparation for re-installing it after repairs. Thanks to Dave Williams for submitting the set to The Subchaser Archives. Also posted to Photo Sets, on the page showing USS Des Moines is a photograph of the officers of USS Des Moines, which served in the Northern Russia Expedition. Thanks to R.A. Smith for submitting the scan to The Subchaser Archives.

New in Tactics & Equipment >> Armament Just posted is an excellent image of crewmen on SC 354 engaged in target practice in preparation for service in mine sweeping duties, post-war, showing the Lewis machine gun in action.

New in Chaser Models >> Showcase

Paul Eisenberg's chaser model is shown. It is a scratch-built model based on the drawings in the old Ideal Aeroplane & Supply Company kit. There are more images to come, which will show additional details. Paul has expressed interest in receiving feedback on the model. Please send notes for him to The Subchaser Archives Editor. Paul also submitted images of the kit, showing the box art and components, posted in the kits section.