U.S. Minesweepers

North Sea Minesweeping Detachment: U.S. Minesweepers

This page, a work in progress, is a list and photo set of the U.S. Lapwing-class minesweepers that served in the North Sea Minesweeping Detachment. In the post-war minesweeping operations in the North Sea, U.S. submarine chasers ran behind these sweepers to shoot and sink any mines that floated to the surface.

In many of the photos showing U.S. minesweepers, hull marks are visible. Where I know them, I've included them in the list, as they can be useful in identifying them in photos. The 34 minesweepers (listed in Sweeping the North Sea Mine Barrage) are as follows, in this format: Minesweeper, Hull number, Hull mark. Those in bold are included in the photo set.

Lapwing,  AM-1,  W (Photograph courtesy of Bobbie Miller, daughter-in-law of SC 208 crewman Henry Miller.)
Robin,  AM-3,  C (Crosby cachet, T. Woofenden Collection.)
Swallow,  AM-4,  L (Crosby cachet, T. Woofenden Collection.)
Tanager,  AM-5,  X (Crosby cachet, T. Woofenden Collection.)
Oriole,  AM-7,  R
Curlew,  AM-8,  B
Finch,  AM-9,  PV
Heron,  AM-10,  U
Turkey,  AM-13,  D
Woodcock,  AM-14,  PJ (Crosby cachet, T. Woofenden Collection.)
Quail,  AM-15, (Crosby cachet, T. Woofenden Collection.)
Eider,  AM-17,  N
Thrush,  AM-18,  PG
Avocet,  AM-19,  PM
Bobolink,  AM-20,  K (T. Woofenden Collection)
Lark,  AM-21,  PP (Crosby cachet, T. Woofenden Collection.)
Widgeon,  AM-22,  PH
Teal,  AM-23,  J (T. Woofenden Collection)
Kingfisher,  AM-25,  G (T. Woofenden Collection)
Rail,  AM-26,  O (T. Woofenden Collection)
Pelican,  AM-27,  M  (T. Woofenden Collection)
Falcon,  AM-28,  PU (G.S. Dole Collection)
Osprey,  AM-29,  A
Seagull,  AM-30,  (Crosby cachet, T. Woofenden Collection.)
Flamingo,  AM-32,  PC
Penguin,  AM-33,  PD (G.S. Dole Collection photo)
Swan,  AM-34,  F (Crosby cachet, T. Woofenden Collection.)
Whippoorwill,  AM-35,  PN
Sanderling,  AM-37,  V
Auk,  AM-38,  S
Chewink,  AM-39,  
Cormorant,  AM-40,  PS
Grebe,  AM-43,  
Mallard,  AM-44,  PR

Photo Set - click to view large versions: 

USS Lapwing, AM-1
USS Robin, AM-3
USS Swallow, AM-4
USS Tanager, AM-5
USS Woodcock, AM-14
USS Quail, AM-15
USS Bobolink marked K
USS Lark
USS Teal
USS Kingfisher
USS Rail marked O
USS Pelican marked M
USS Falcon
USS Seagull
USS Penguin marked PD and another minesweeper alongside USS Black Hawk
USS Swan