New Hull Number Photos

October 2008 Added to the SC 218 page is another shot of this chaser, shown underway. Note the Hotchkiss deck gun forward.

The SC 179 page image has been replaced with a closer/larger scan of the boat. (This is John Fabris' chaser, shown returning from the Durazzo bombardment.)

Added to the SC 285 page is a post-war photo showing this chaser alongside Ford Eagle boat no. 4.

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John Fabris Portrait Posted

John FabrisOctober 2008 Machinist's Mate John Fabris earned the Navy Cross for his actions in the bombardment of Durazzo Harbor on 2 October 1918, when he kept an engine of SC 179 running by holding a part in place even though it resulted in a severe burn.

While most chaser commanding officers received the Navy Cross, Fabris is one of very few crewmen to receive the honor.

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Sale of Vessels Document Added

October 2008 Just posted is a complete document on the sale of U.S.N. vessels after the war. The 110' chasers were among a large number of small craft that were sold, since the U.S.N. didn't have any need for them. Some of the chasers were retained for training purposes or transferred to the Coast Guard or other armed services, but most were sold to private buyers for conversion to fishing or pleasure boats.

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