Vol. 3, No. 11, November 2007

As I mentioned last month, I will be offering a lecture and slides on chasers and their role in the Allied victory in WWI, with a book signing afterward. The tie-in is Veterans Day, based, of course, on Armistice Day, 11 November 1918; but the main point of the presentation is to cover early ASW technology and the role of the U.S. submarine chasers in the war.

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Lt. Dole, of SC 93: Wrestling Career

This is off-topic, but prior to his USN service on submarine chasers, Lt. George S. Dole and his twin brother Louis had notable wrestling careers. George Dole won an Olympic gold medal at the 1908 London games. In response to some inquiries from a trustee of the Wrestling Hall of Fame, I have started to post some scans of documents from the Dole twins' wrestling careers.

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New and Revised Photo Sets: Subchaser SC 83

The set of photos of service on subchaser SC 83 have been split into two separate photo sets:

In the crew photo set are several recently-posted photos, including a shot of crewmen around the Y-gun with "a pill for Kaiser Bill" painted on the depth charge.

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