Some General WWI Submarine Chaser Facts and Figures:

    Construction statistics

Total number ordered: 448 Total completed: 441 Total in WWI war time service as U.S.N. vessels: 303 Total assigned to overseas service: 133


Frame/floors: white oak. Planking: yellow pine. Deck planking: Oregon pine. Length: 110' Beam: 14' 8-3/4 " Full load displacement: 75 tons

    Propulsion System

Maine Engines: Three - Standard Motor Construction Company 6-cylinder, 220 hp, air-starting and reversing engines. 10" bore, 11" stroke. Weight: 6,300 lbs. (each). Auxiliary Engine: One - Standard Motor auxiliary engine. 2-cylider, 4-1/2" bore, 5-1/2" stroke. Fuel: Gasoline. Tank capacity 2,400 gallons Cruising radius: About 1,000 nautical miles Theoretical top speed: 18 knots Actual Cruising speed of about 12 knots; top speed around 14 to 16 knots


Officers and Crew: Two officers. 22 crewmen, give or take.


Armament: Typical arrangement was one 3" deck gun forward, a Y-gun (depth charge launcher) amidships and depth charge racks on the stern. Machine guns were typically mounted on the bridge wings. Submarine detection devices: SC-type C-Tube hydrophone and K-Tube hydrophone (designed by the Submarine Signal Company of Boston, Massachusetts), Trailing wire, and later, MB-Tube hydrophone. Communications systems: Radio telephone, radio telegraph, shape signals and Bearing Indicator