Hull Number: SC 83

Submarine chaser SC 83 served from the subchaser base at Plymouth, England. This photo was included in a celebratory pamphlet dated 18 May 1918. This was the day on which SC 83 departed the subchaser base at New London, Connecticut and started the journey overseas.

Photo 1: The large characters on the starboard side (aft of the hull number) are convoy markings, used to indicate the position of the chaser in a convoy. Photo scan courtesy of Jane Kingsbury Burne, daughter of SC 83 radio electrician Roger Kingsbury.

Photo 2: SC 83 underway. From Collection 2012.98, National WWI Museum. Thanks to Jonathan Casey, National WWI Museum, for permission to post the image.

Photo 3: SC 83 underway. Caption: "National bridge and submarine chaser." Thanks to Patricia Carrig for donating the photo to The Subchaser Archives.

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