SC 59: Ens. Charles E. Rose Photograph Collection

Commissioned on 11 May 1918, subchaser SC 59 was assigned to the Third Naval District, and served in U.S. waters during the war, under the command of Ens. Charles E. Rose.

This collection of photographs shows scenes from the service of SC 59 and other chasers.

Several notable vessels other than chasers are also shown, including the light ship Relief and an excellent war time photo of USS Freelance (SP 830).

SC 59 was placed out of commission on 26 July 1919, and sold on 24 June 1921 at Charleston, SC.

Photographs from the collection of Ens. Charles E. Rose, CO of SC 59. Thanks to his son, Thomas Rose, for submitting the image scans to The Subchaser Archives.