Hull Number: SC 405

Submarine chaser SC 405 has a curious history in terms of the designation. SC 177 was built at Matthews Boat in Port Clinton, Ohio, and in November, 1917 it was delivered to New York. SC 405 was built at Rocky River Drydock in Rocky River, Ohio, and was sold to France -- but was damaged during trial runs, so the two hulls were exchanged. The original SC 405 was repaired and re-designated as SC 177 in the USN. SC 177 was re-designated SC 405 and was delivered to France. I believe its final designation was C 84 in the French navy. 

This photo set (first four images) shows the the latter, the switched SC 405 on the overseas journey to France. Thanks to Philippe Ruminy, grandson of French officer Leopold Chalm, for submitting the images to The Subchaser Archives.

Last image: National Archives photo. Thanks for Franklyn Brown for sending the photo to The Subchaser Archives. SC 405 and USS George Washington

Photo Set - click to view large versions: 

SC 405
SC 405 bow
Engine room, SC 405
Engine room, SC 405
SC 405 and USS George Washington