Hull Number: SC 372

Shown in the photo set:

1. U.S. submarine chaser SC 372 was re-numbered as C 58 when transferred to the French navy. Caption: "Marshal Foch visits Cologne - arriving by river on the Bismark. French Motor Launches which escorted Marshal Foch down the Rhine lying alongside at Cologne." Photograph of subchaser C 58. T. Woofenden Collection. Another view of C 58.Caption: General Mangin reviewing French & British Rhine Flotillas on the Rhine at the anniversary of Zeebrugge 1919. This photo was taken by my assistant, engineer from our boat ML 473.

2. Subchaser C 58, courtesy of Jeffrey Charles. (See his excellent site,, which contains a wealth of information on the ML boats manufactured in the U.S. and Canada and used by the British in WWI ASW operations.)

3. Submarine chaser C 58 in the Schelde River. (T. Woofenden Collection)

Photo Set - click to view large versions: 

Submarine Chaser C-58: Marshal Foch visits Cologne
Submarine Chaser C-58, courtesy of Jeffrey Charles
Submarine chaser C 58 in the Schelde River.