Hull Number: SC 345

Submarine  chaser SC 345 was built at American Car & Foundry in Wilmington, Delaware.  This chaser served as a wing boat in Unit 16, assigned to Base 27, Plymouth, England (SC 344, SC 345, SC 1).

First photo: A wartime shot showing the chaser fully equipped for antisubmarine warfare. Note the large depth charge rack at the stern. Roland Green notes that SC 345 is shown leaving Cork Harbor: "Ft. Camden, near Crosshaven, on the west side of the harbour entrance, is to the aft, the dip in the land with houses, approx. midships, is Graball Bay, at Weavers Point is at her bows." T. Woofenden Collection.

Second photo: Courtesy of Robert Held, whose father, John F. Held served on SC 344. Appears to be SC 345, but the hull number has been painted over, obscuring the third number.

Photo Set - click to view large versions: 

SC 345. T. Woofenden Collection
SC 345, courtesy of Robert Held